Effectively Manage Back Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Effectively Manage Back Orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Backorders are expected in the business world but can also be a source of customer frustration and a financial burden for companies. That’s why effective backorder management is so important.

  1. Backorders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of business.
  2. Backorders can cause financial losses and impact cash flow.
  3. Managing backorders can improve inventory management.
  4. Backorders can be an opportunity to improve customer relations.
  5. Effective backorder management can help a company stay competitive.

Effective backorder management involves tracking and managing outstanding orders, communicating with customers about the status of their orders, and prioritizing the fulfillment of backorders to minimize any negative impact on the business.

For those using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you may find there is no easy way to manage backorders effectively. While Business Central will create backorders, the real challenge is managing those backorders once created. When inventory becomes available, how do you know what orders need to be filled? If there is limited inventory, how do you prioritize orders? Can you split inventory across multiple orders?

The Solution to Managing Backorders

Now there is an app that removes the headache of managing backorders in Business Central. The Order Fulfillment Worksheet from Insight Works is an app that tells you what you can ship today, including full or partial shipments and backorders. The app will automatically create and combine warehouse shipments and picks with a simple mouse click for those using warehouse documents.

When it comes to backorders specifically, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet from Insight Works will show you precisely what orders in the system have back-ordered items and if you now have enough inventory to fill them.

Sometimes, you may need more inventory of one item to fill all backorders in Business Central. In these cases, users have a couple of options:

You can use the Order Fulfillment Worksheet to prioritize orders based on different parameters, for example, filling the oldest orders first.

You can split available inventory across multiple orders so all customers waiting on a specific item will see a portion of their order filled.

As inventory comes in, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app shows you precisely what orders can be filled and shipped and will then generate pick tickets or warehouse shipments to get that product out the door.

So, look no further than the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app from Insight Works for anyone looking for a better way to manage backorders. To learn more, reach out to Rightsize 365 or visit http://fulfillmentfordynamics.com/.

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