Sort it out… Seriously

Sort it out… Seriously

No matter how many businesses I meet and talk with very few have their business systems together and can claim the success of taming their business process into a well oiled systematic process.

Where it goes wrong

Many business owners who are doing great financially are doing so off the back of manual systems which are paper-based and utilizing amazing talent. Each has a limit that caps their business potential which usually comes down to too many pieces of paper or not enough talent.

It’s interesting the commonality here:

  • All suffer – when talent is lost or changes happen to there business model; pushing for it to develop more manual processes.
  • All have a lack of visibility – the confidence in the fine detail of profit margins, struggle with trust that their business can operate independently of their constant attention.
  • Each believes this business world they operate in is simple – easier than the task or risk of implementing some sort of business platform.
  • Many miss the point – You put a system in place to handle the complex and make your world more simple.

Data brings clarity, KPI’s drive team collaboration and performance. Data will enable the clearing of deadwood and better, sharper, hiring and recruitment.

But I had a bad experience

I understand poorly implemented systems are like cancer… I have been the first-hand recipient of failure, I hear you.

In this, we must take responsibility. Ensure you have your supplier sign an agreement which provides you surety, insurance, and removes your risks of the project. Stop making excuses for your poor contract governance in times past and ensure there is learning for future engagement.

My advice

Don’t avoid the potential for the best days ahead with your business.

  1. Get someone whom you have formed trust where both parties will work together through thick and thin for the dual benefit or dual cost.
  2. Your business must continue to operate smoothly while the new system is implemented. You can not stop running your business otherwise cash flow will be impacted and un-necessary tension introduced.
  3. Communicate effectively. It’s not personal… let the other party vent their spleen regularly to ensure there is no build-up of expectation which was miscommunicated. This should be a regular practice of both sides in the transaction so it’s clear and learning can be embraced.
  4. Avoid fixed scope engagements which carry brutal consequences for learning in your business. Learning is constant. As you implement, post design, ‘all’ businesses evolve and learn. It’s expected. Should there be the change you need to be ready for it and your implementation team behind you 100%.
  5. Make sure you are buying something that fits the size of your business and doesn’t over-invest. Larger corporations need more expensive implementations ($200,000- Millions) due to sheer size, complex training, higher levels of customization. If you are an SME, you are not a large corporation.
  6. May I point out, don’t under invest either. SME system implementation starts at 10 days and can size up to 30 days depending on your business complexity. At an industry day rate between $1,500 – $2,000 per day, this sets a benchmark for your project expectations.
  7. Projects struggle to succeed without the support and driven interest by Directors and the CEO. You need to back your team 100% with the projects relating to ERP.

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