Setup Packages

How do we engage with you?

You want to know when you engage that you are going to achieve the desired outcome for your business. Some of the key components on our engagement methodology are:

We are a fixed cost

When you engage us we are a fixed cost delivery. This means the risk of project overreach becomes the liability of Rightsize to manage effectivley.

We include whats required

Our inclusions allow for design, planning, project management, weekly project meetings, all migration items outlined in your scope, and then 3 months free support post delivery.

We guarantee results

We guarantee the result of delivery. Things do go wrong on projects and when they do we will take responsibility to bring them back on track. In the event that you chose to terminate (terms and conditions apply) we will reimburse you the cost of the project.

Project Management Method

Taking you from concept to a point of deliver is difficult while you and your team continue to run your business operations.


To help you achieve the desired results we have a fixed project methodology which guides our clients through to success.


This includes pre-sale, agreement, planning and design, implementation, transition to production, and ongoing support.


We also then cover you with a complimentary (free) support services for 90 days post deliver of your project.




We work with a known implementation model which enables us to forecast timeframes and then forward schedule business requirements.