Helping Aussie manufacturers manage production from end to end

Plan production with confidence

Know exactly what’s in your production orders. Plan your equipment and resources, and see inventory availability instantly. Business Central has everything you need to manage your production line effectively.

Detailed production planning

Fulfil your orders confidently with production line planning. Anticipate supply and demand and see costs and time upfront. 

Capacity Planning

See the exact availability of your equipment, employees and other resources to complete a production task.

Multi-level BOM

Set up your production items down to the component to manage your supply chain and easily draw sub-assemblies off the shelf.

Plan production more effectively with the
Master Planning Schedule

To turn your items into finished goods, you need to plan ahead. Manage your resources, people and equipment to make sure you’ve got what you need to complete production. And get visibility of the time it will take. See your supply line so you know what you need to order to complete the job. And see inventory availability by period, location and bill of materials break down and get up to date costs at your fingertips. 

Get a good idea of cost upfront with quote simulation. See exactly when your products will be released for production on the manufacturing floor and finished, so you can review costs and wastage. BC helps you calculate demand accurately so you can stay ahead and supply the right quantity of items on time to the right location. 

Know exactly how much your business can produce with capacity planning

Knowing what capacity you have to produce an item is essential for manufacturers. So BC lets you set the production capacity of each of your resources to better manage your production calendar. See the availability of your machines, equipment and employees to complete a production task and plan ahead more accurately. And reduce your costs by seeing what’s working and what’s not in your production line.

Know the full cost of importing goods with landed cost

No one appreciates surprise costs on their invoices. Understand the true cost of your imported goods to make the best buying decisions for your business with landed cost. You’ll be able to see the total expense of receiving goods, including the purchase price, transportation costs and duties and apportion those costs across the order. And you can compare the cost of buying overseas versus local goods. 

See the detailed components of your production orders
Set up your production items down to the detail, including multi-level bills of materials with sub-assemblies and components. And see levels of dependency within the BOM to accurately calculate time and build cost. Understand what materials you need to produce finished goods so you can manage supply. And see production variance clearly to forecast accurately.

Take control of your production line by setting up specific processes for your items, from cleaning, welding and spraying to finish. The master requisition plan helps you streamline your supply orders by notifying the warehouse to pick components and purchase more goods.

If you’re out of stock, you can offer your customers a choice with variants and substitutes.