Not for profit

Supporting not for profits to do good

A better way to run your not for profit is here

Know exactly what’s in your production orders. Plan your equipment and resources, and see inventory availability instantly. Wiise has everything you need to manage your production line effectively.

Your grants and programs in one hub

See your operations clearly, monitor the performance and impact your organisation has and see where you can improve.

Better campaign management

Get better visibility of donor relationships and plan targeted fundraising campaigns in one place.

See your expenses in detail

Dimensional tagging helps you tag and track every expense so you can report back to the funding body accurately.

Special NFP Pricing

For $49 user/month (+GST), get everything in the Lite license plus:

  • Six dimensions for reporting
  • Inter-company transactions
  • project costings
There’s also team member licenses for $19 user/month (+GST). Your team will see everything in Wiise, and they can also work with sales and purchase quotes, use timesheets for projects or jobs, approve or reject workflows and change customer, vendor and item records. Want to find out more? Chat to us today.

Made for NFPs, at an NFP Price

Sometimes, NFPs need a bit more from their software. So, we’ve developed a special version of Wiise for NFPs to help out.

Use Wiise for NFPs to better manage your grants and funding sources, projects, teams, operations or even different entities.

Report down to the detail

As an NFP, you’ll know there’s a number of financial reporting obligations you need to meet. Whether you’re reporting to your funding bodies, the Board, the Government or the ATO, Wiise shows you exactly where your funds are going across your programs and divisions. 


Use dimensions to tag, track and report on every expense across location, department, program and more, such as your RTO, employment or community services, or your head office. You can organise your data according to your organisation’s particular needs as it’s entered, so you’ve always got access to an accurate picture of your finances.

Your customers, donors and campaigns in one place

Change is constant in the NFP sector, from reforms and policies to fluctuations in funding and reporting expectations. Wiise CRM gives you better visibility into your donor relationships and full contact management, so you can connect people with specific fundraising campaigns and improve engagement. Track donations easily. And connect campaigns directly to your finances to get a clear view of how well they’re working. Get detailed reports to funding bodies with ease.

Manage your people easily

Make better use of your employees’ and volunteers’ skills by including their qualifications and agreements in Wiise’s HR tool. Include police checks and working with children checks so you know at a glance that your people are compliant.

And make pay run time simple with localised single touch payroll. It’s built for the Aussie market so it’s up to date with ever-changing awards for your shift workers and manages salary sacrifice — you don’t have to worry about paying staff correctly.

Hear how not for profit CVGT saved time with Wiise

CVGT needed a system that could keep up with their growth. Wiise helped them save time, manage their costs and scale their 400+ employee organisation.