Warehouse & Distribution

See your warehouse and distribution operations clearly

Your warehousing, inventory and finances in one hub

Streamline stock reordering and know the true cost of shipments. Track orders and see updates in real-time. Business Central is made for Aussie wholesalers and distributors.

See your inventory clearly

See how much stock you have across all your locations and what’s selling and what’s not, and transfer between warehouses.

Know the cost of imported goods

See exactly what it costs you to import goods with landed cost. Apportion across the order. Compare buying local versus overseas.

Streamlined processes

Keep your warehouse inventory lean and reduce waste with replenishment worksheets and real-time shipment tracking.

Control your inventory, not the other way around

Keep tabs on your inventory so you can make better buying decisions and reduce waste. Business Central helps you control what stock’s coming in, and what’s going out, with predictive intelligence that lets you know when you need to order more.


 Avoid getting stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell and easily see what’s selling and what’s not, so you can keep your warehouses lean. See what’s available across all your locations, what items are reserved for another sale or are ready to be sold.

See your costs clearly and keep on top of cash flow

Avoid additional inventory costs with better visibility of your stock. See just how much your stock, while you hold it, is costing you and reduce your warehousing costs by delivering direct to the customer with drop shipment.

Keep up with fluctuating foreign exchange rates. And know the true cost of your imported goods with landed cost. You can easily apportion costs like freight and duties across the order and compare buying imported goods with local. Let Business Central do the heavy lifting for you.

Streamline your ordering processes

Improve your stock levels by creating rules around minimum and maximum levels for reordering. You can also bulk produce replenishment worksheets to keep your inventory healthy.

Create purchase invoices when you need them — after making an agreement with your vendor or direct from a sales invoice or job.

And see exactly where your shipments are in real-time so you can keep your customers updated. Business Central is built to help distributors and wholesalers bring all their processes together.