Wiise ERP by KPMG

Rightsize Group started as a Wiise customer using D365 Business Central localised for Australia.

Wiise is a (ISV) version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central available in Australia. the platform owned by KPMG has advantages to smaller businesses due to the cost point of licensing and free bank feeds which come free as part of the subscription.

Clients require to decide based on the cost, complexity of their solution, support requirements, and risk if KPMG’s Wiise is a suitable solution vs engaging with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central directly.

Wiise comes with Free SISS Bank Feeds, Some additional reporting, the ability to track containers, transforms EFT payments, and  contains KPMG’s own proprietary shoplifty sync tool.

To subscribe to Wiise the licensing will be an additional $50 than the listed pricing on this website by Microsoft.

Rightsize was Wiise’s 2nd largest partner by volume and size until it started primarily offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central direct with Microsoft.